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Which crypto winter? Blockchain fundraising breaks all records

Green Fundraising Semester – While crypto markets are in the red, the industry has managed to attract more capital from investors this year, with amounts well in excess of 2021 figures.

Crypto Investments: Faucets Remain Open

The earth is round, no offense to flat-earthers, and the evidence is sometimes – often – misleading. This year’s bear markets did not scare away investors.

According to Messari’s report, investments dedicated to the crypto industry amounted to about 30.3 billion dollars in the first half, an amount greater than that of all of 2021.

These figures are not the only evidence of investor enthusiasm for crypto companies, although bears did plague the sector during the period, with three iconic red monthly candlesticks for Bitcoin (BTC) in the second quarter and big-name platforms like Celsius that ended up on their knees, exhausted by bear market.

Along with this investment explosion, crypto funds and traditional funds have gathered that are interested in the sector. 35.9 billion dollars in the first six months of this year, compared to $19 billion for all of 2021.

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Faith in much younger projects

In detail, CeFi projects retain their throne in terms of fresh capital injected into the sector. Their total investments are 10.2 billion dollars during the first semester.

Decentralized finance ended the period on a high: $624 million raised during the month of June. This amount is more than double the amount collected for any month in the past six months.

The figures also show investor interest for emerging projects. Capital is therefore not owned by established crypto businesses. The distribution of NFT investments illustrates this.

In this area, NFT projects based on emerging ecosystems managed to attract $2.9 billion in investments during the first half, compared to $1.1 billion for those hosted on Ethereum (ETH).

Investments in crypto companies therefore did not weaken due to the bear market, contrary to assumptions. However, their geographic distribution has changed during these bear markets. Europe thus dominated crypto investments, against the United States and Asia.

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