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Who is affected by future upgrades?

Faced with rising prices, the government is proposing to upgrade a whole series of social benefits by 4%. The measure will be integrated into the “Purchasing Power” bill presented to the Council of Ministers on July 6 before examination by the National Assembly. What should the French expect? Franceinfo takes stock.

The range of associated benefits is wide: from invalid pensions to disability pensions, including family allowances. Not forgetting social minima, RSA or even a whole series of activity bonuses.

For example, RSA, the active solidarity income, which is currently 575 euros, for a single person, will increase to 598 euros, an increase of 23 euros per month within a year. An increase of around 280 euros.

This revaluation of social benefits will be effective from Friday 1st July with retroactivity In other words, if the text is adopted in July as the government hopes and it comes into effect in August, the concerned beneficiaries will receive a reminder for the month of July.

But without an absolute majority in the National Assembly, the bill may take longer than expected to pass. And what can block the amount of these revaluations. For the left, this 4% revaluation remains insufficient as it is below the projected inflation threshold, i.e. 5.5% on average this year, according to INSEE forecasts. For his part,perfectreminds Some of these benefits have already increased at the beginning of the year: 1.1% for pension, 1.8% for RSA. Otherwise, The question of raising the minimum wage The bill does not address, as such Increase in salary of government employees.

In housing, there will be no rent freeze but a cap on increases. According to a representative of the Minister of Environmental Change, the government has proposed to limit rent increases to a maximum of 3.5% from October 15 and for one year. A measurement confirmed by Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire. The “rent shield” device will be included in the amending Finance Bill to be voted on in Parliament this summer. Specifically, at a rent of 900 euros, the increase will be limited to 31 euros per month or 378 euros per year.

Finally, to help the most modest tenants, the government has proposed in parallel to revalue APL, Personalized Housing Support, by 3.5% from July. The “Rent Shield” has been submitted to the National Housing Council debate this Monday which brings together all players in the sector.

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