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Who is hiding behind the Bride? All information and predictions are our own

Here we go again in search on Tuesday, August 23 in Monkey Maskr! Camille Combal launches the fourth season of TF1’s hit show tonight. Of the historical group of researchers, only one is still around: comedian Kev Adams. He is joined by three other people: Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc (don’t worry, he is not coming alone and will be accompanied by Jean-Marc). A song that heralds good moments of laughter and holy punches. In the biggest mystery, a dozen new characters have joined forces to enter the costume – discover all the characters in our gallery. Then walk the gingerbread whose clothes can be eaten, the mysterious Pharaoh or the Dalmatian Drag Queen. Among the clothes that the spectators will find in the first evening, there are the clothes of the Bride. But who could be hiding there? Original songs!

Mask Singer: who is behind the dress of the Bride with a head like a flower?

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This Bride’s dress is, to say the least… stunning! As a head, the character wears a flower whose mouth is drawn. The bride is wearing a white wedding dress and long gloves to cover her hands. The folds of the arms only show the female form. Unless it’s a scam?

Mask Singer: first impressions of the Bride

The Bride and the Monkey share a common identity. “We already know the first clue about the Bride and the Monkey!“, revealed the show’s official Twitter account. Here’s the first thing to learn: “We were crowned with gold” obvious.

In the program that was broadcast this Tuesday, on August 30, many details about the bride were revealed. Showing up at the church, the bride showed off two wedding rings when she registered 2010/2016. “A bride is a flower among flowers or even among thorns. I’m used to it, I know what it’s like to be alone and to appear in a club”he said before sending two mojitos to his guards. “I knew math, I chose my path, not very visible for a woman. Women can do anything! I feel like I have proven that I have my place in this group.“, he added before appearing in the kitchen You love even the impossible from Tina Arena, the bride heard the opinion of the researchers. For them, it can be Laure Boulleau, Victoria Abril or Mercotte.

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In prime time on Tuesday, September 6, the Bride announced in her highlights that millions of us followed the big moment in her life. The story that”made headlines“. The years 1992 and 2016 appeared in the background, taking the researchers to the French game. The names of Wendy Renard, Amandine Henry, Laura Flessel and Estelle Mossely are kept.

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