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who is hiding behind the child? All information and predictions are our own

The child is one of the characters in the fourth season of The Mask Singer on tf1. But who is hiding behind his cloak? We calculate the existing indices.

Twelve new characters are at the heart of the fourth season of The Mask Singer, such as Gingerbread or Dalmatian. Back on Tuesday August 23, 2022 on TF1, the prime time show, still hosted by Camille Combal, will also welcome three new investigators. If Kev Adams is the only historical researcher, after leaving Jarry, Anggun, and Alessandra Sublet, he was joined on the tour by singer Vitaa, comedian and actress Chantal Ladesou, and singer Jeff Panaclock.

August 24, 2022 Update : child found. To find out who they are, click here.

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Too hard to be a kid?

A purple rash on the head, this baby will arouse the attention of the onlookers very quickly. He has big blue eyes, has a bib around his neck with the letters “BB”. Should there be information? Or the initials of the humanity behind this beautiful disguise? Also note that the Child is placed in blue music. Again, it is possible to see more of the hidden personality…

First symptoms

Beyond the visuals provided by clothing, the design of The Mask Singer slips, here and there on social media, some extras to help viewers figure out who the hidden star is. In a short video, the Kid reveals why he’s on the show: “I’m here to make some noise as usual“, he thinks. The character may also share a common point with the Dalmatian (this character accompanies the winner’s play in the first season of Drag Race France): according to the advertising insert, his translator would be “crowned by Molière”. Finally, the same story suggests that there will be “electricity in the air” between the Baby and the Dalmatian… The search has just begun!

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During the first broadcast on Tuesday August 23, more was revealed by the celebrities. The child said that he was “silly child”. “I don’t have many filters, even if you have already seen this beautiful child 100% quiet. A big problem knowing me”. he said, when the numbers 11 72 appeared. The kid said he sent it and it was useless. He made sure to talk to her “black kids”. Investigators believe it could be JoeyStarr or Laurent Baffie.

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