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Who is hiding behind the Dalmatian? All information and predictions are our own

The Mask Singer they are coming back. From Tuesday August 23, 2022, the fourth season is live on TF1… If Camille Combal is still at the head of the show, and Kev Adams keeps his place among the investigators, three new investigators are entering, and they will try, alongside him, to think and identify the hidden people. : singer Vitaa, comedian Chantal Ladesou and singer Jeff Panacloc.

A dress with a dog on it

Among the twelve new costumes is the Dalmatian. A beautiful dress with a pink wig with a very beautiful appearance, an evening dress paired with gloves of the same color and red shoes (our photo above). This character, moreover, seems to be changing in the world of Drag. It’s probably not for nothing that she accompanies them to the premiere of drag queens. And especially, coincidentally, the main winner of Drag Race, whose first season has just ended on France 2/France TV Slash.

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First signs!

In the social media world, the official account has already started to crack a few channels here and there. If we know that there is a point in common between the baby and the Dalmatian (everyone of this personality to succeed Molière!), the slow-motion video gives another final clue: “My words have already pleased you in many registers“. Which means that the one who hides behind the Dalmatian was undoubtedly able to work at the same time in the world of theater, music and movies? Even comedy? broadcast the original magnetism of the Dalmatian, and perhaps, also, recognize the singing voice of the hidden star.

During the first broadcast on Tuesday August 23, more was revealed by the celebrities. “I’m a Dalmatian but I’m not sure I’ll listen wisely. I’m a musician, I love it“, started the celebrity when he was photographed with a shiny unicorn in the background “piano” is shown on the screen when the star confirms “keep the rhythm on stage”. “I can’t name the songs I sang, SOS helped me a lot“, he continued. On the window, tubes of aspirin appeared Highway to Hell from AC/DC, Dalmatian surrounded by drag queens. During a Q&A with interviewees, the Dalmatian said that singing was not his main job. For researchers, it can be Booder, by Afida Turner, Christelle Chollet.

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