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Who is hiding behind the Monkey? All information and predictions are our own

Let’s go to the fourth season of The Mask Singer on tf1. Twelve new actors are running in this new group of games by Camille Combal, and according to the concept of this show, the viewers and four researchers will try to guess which star is hiding under each of these clothes. . On the part of the researchers, there is something new: after the departure of Anggun, Jarry and Alessandra Sublet, three new faces will appear together with Kev Adams, the only member of history still present. Among the new researchers, viewers will be able to find singer Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc ventriloquist and his puppet Jean-Marc, and comedian Chantal Ladesou.

Smart like a monkey?

In the group of the fourth exhibition of The Mask Singer, so we get a monkey. The outfit that TF1 viewers can see during the season 3 finale (see tweet below). And for good reason, this iconic feature had to be part of the previous shows. “He was injured on the day of the match, we were hoping to heal him on the way, but unfortunately it took time.Explained Anthony Meunier, producer of the show, in a press conference that was told by our friends from Gala. So he is very happy to be here this year. Especially since he had a year to try!

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First signs!

If there is no doubt that it will be necessary to consider Mr. Loyal’s outfit as a monkey, the social network has allowed to sweat a few signs. We know, in fact, that he shares one point with the Bride: “We were crowned with gold.“Is the monkey a famous sports star? We have no doubt that future events will help viewers…

In the program that was broadcast this Tuesday, on August 30, it was revealed about monkeys. In his picture, wild animals were seen. “I could have chosen a dinosaur costume. If I look at my journey, I am one of the first. I was in the early stages of what would become a big thing. It’s always fun to have videos that you can watch over and over again.”said the monkey as written “122 million” on the wall. “Who would have thought that the little angel could be next to Isabelle Adjani, Catherine Deneuve or Vincent Cassel?”, he asked. For researchers, it could be Jenifer or Alizée.

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