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Who will be the next James Bond? List of possible actors

Rumors are rife in the world of cinema. The question everyone is asking: Who will be next? James Bond ? Many names are lining up to replace the popular one Daniel Craig, be it star actors or young buds. It was rumored that a woman could play the role of a spy… in a recent interview The Hollywood ReporterThe manufacturer Barbara Broccoli He confirmed that he will not be a woman. “I think it will be a man because I don’t think a woman should play James Bond. I believe in creating dedicated characters, not just letting women play roles for men. In my opinion, there are not enough big roles for women, and it is very important to make films for women., she said. She took the opportunity to reveal some information about the next 007 with these few words.The next James Bond must be British…”. So all that remains is to wait.

Fashion It lists possible candidates for the role of the famous spy. Who will succeed? Daniel Craig ? The slots are open.

Article originally published in Vogue UK

Translated by Flora di Carlo

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