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Who will be the next James Bond?

As Daniel Craig bids farewell to the James Bond character with a fifth-rate twist, Rumors are rife about the next actor to play the most famous secret agent in the world of cinema.

The British especially love tradition and campaign for an actor on the throne, although there are many foreign actors – this is the first since George Lazenby – according to rumors, running for the next role.

There’s no doubt that the next Bond actor can master the art of casino gambling, even though it’s part of the script in every movie. Indeed, the character built his reputation playing blackjack, poker or any other table games that people can play online these days.

in order to, Who could be the next James Bond? To lift or combine straight forward from joint compound?

Tom Hardy

The next James Bond production should start in the summer of 2024 if we stick to the words of producer Barbara Broccoli. Without actually confirming this announcement from the popular magazine Vanity Fair, producer Tom Hardy hinted that he was part of a short list of 4 actors to replace Daniel Craig.

The talented 40-year-old English actor has always managed to adapt his body to every role. Sometimes surprisingly. Not only in terms of his weight and muscles, but he has become the owner of a physical transformation.

language fluency, It could once again provide a well-rounded British inspiration for the character of James Bond. Some of Craig’s detractors have blamed him for a lack of punishment at times.

After five films, Craig parted ways with James Bond. Photo: Pixabay, CC0

Idris Elba

Will Iris Elba be the first James Bond played by a black actor? In the year That’s all we can wish for the 49-year-old British actor, who was discovered in the 2002 blockbuster The Wire.

In the year Elba, who rose to fame in a dark role in 2010’s Luther, has something interesting on the other side of the Atlantic. He has an undeniable personality and his age can be compared to the young and scarred Craig in 2006.

Henry Cavill

Barbara Broccoli On one half of the short-list confirmed, Henry Cavill is perhaps the actor with the least support among purists of the four names mentioned.

The reason is simple: As a good translator of Superman, this story in the film does not stick between the Marvel Universe and the one told by James Bond. Of course, this is only one line on the CV, but for producers and above all, two times 0-7 specialists, the roles they played in the past count.

Jacob Elordi

The only non-British actor on this list (he’s Australian), Jacob Elordi is also and arguably the youngest of the four actors to take over from James Bond. At 25, the Brisbane native has strong arguments to make, especially in his unique interpretations of the hit series Euphoria or the trilogy The Kissing Booth.

Still, it’s unlikely to blend right into a James Bond outfit. In the year Prior to Casino Royale in 2006, Pierce Brosnan was aged out by the producers and Daniel Craig represented inspiration and the idea of ​​a young actor taking over as Bond. He was 38 And this story suggests that Jacob Elordi will definitely have to wait a little longer…

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