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Why Daniel Craig is the best James Bond.

Dying can wait.The final film with Daniel Craig as Agent 007 will be released this Wednesday, October 6. A chance to review Craig’s tenure.

If James Bond changed Daniel Craig’s life, Daniel Craig changed James Bond forever. The first golden 007 agent, Daniel Craig, succeeds in reinterpreting the tale created by Ian Fleming in the 50s with humanity and violence, making him forget his predecessors.

Daniel Craig was critically acclaimed at a young age and was admired by fans and is considered one of the best James Bond interpreters in the franchise. This Wednesday, October 6 during the release Dying can wait.The last film in the shoes of Agent 007, looking back at the actor’s contribution to this immortal franchise, but still on the verge of becoming obsolete.

James Bond’s response to Jason Bourne

Without The memory in the skin (2002) Casino Royale (2006) probably never saw the light of day. The first film of the Daniel Craig era, with its graphic violence and jingling rhythm, Barbara Broccoli and Saga producers Michael G. Wilson can be interpreted as a nervous reaction to Doug Liman’s September release. 25, 2002 ie two months ago Another day to dieWith Pierce Brosnan.

Matt Damon shines as an amnesiac agent who pursues a panicked CIA agent in this first Hollywood thriller about the post-9/11 world. Released November 20, 2002 Another day to die The Cold War and brutal plot of a North Korean colonel who changes his identity to avenge Bond seems completely out of date.

Based on the story by Ian Fleming, Casino Royale It offers a retelling of the myth rather than a return to basics according to the codes of contemporary action cinema. Martin Campbell, at the helm of the Bond renaissance of the 1990s Golden eyewas inspired. Casino Royale Paul Greengrass whipping in. Death in the skin (2004)

The opening sequence of the film, in black and white, with dirty and washed-out images, indicated the ghosts. Bond appears there mercilessly, like one he’s never seen before, smashing skulls over sinks. Then out of date with Jason Bourne’s capoeira, James Bond is forced to adopt a new way of fighting, a more physical one. Casino Royale In particular, it sees him doing parkour in an amazing scene.

In the wake The memory in the skinthe CIA (played by Felix Leiter) is also making a comeback. Casino Royale. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Felix Leiter is presented as the only character in the franchise with M (Judi Dench): in this film, Broccoli and Wilson try to destroy the cliché of the franchise to make James Bond more believable. In today’s less bipolar world, conflicts are characterized by decentralized and unpredictable terrorist threats.

As a series Bureau of LegendsIn the 21st century, espionage is no longer the same as it was during the Cold War. The British spy, reviewed and edited by Daniel Craig, relieved himself of his traditional trappings to focus on his core assets. Even though Craig Bond looks like a killer, he is surprisingly never intimidating and always comes across as a flesh-and-blood individual on screen.

A combination of the former

Daniel Craig is a combination of the former: he has the cool of Sean Connery, the passion of George Lazenby, the honesty of Roger Moore, the strength of Timothy Dalton and the charm of Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig is very close to the James Bond written by Ian Fleming. Even in one of the most underrated parts of the saga, Solas QuantumCraig has the cruelty of the main character.

“In my opinion, it could be the perfect combination between Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton,” summed up the author at RTL Guillaume Evin. Encyclopedia 007. “From the first he borrows the aspect of a feline, a deadly killer, with an incredible magnetism. From the second, he has this sensitive, exposed, a little painful, more human aspect and finally he is happy.”

His predecessors were not wrong in crowning him the best interpreter of James Bond in the saga. Roger Moore He estimated in 2012 Time magazine Thanks to the fact that he was the main embodiment of the character and extended the life of Bond by fifty years Fall of the sky! “I got it Casino Royale Special,” he added. “I thought the action scenes were amazing – he did more in the first thirty seconds of the movie than I did in fourteen years of Bond! He looked killer to me. He looked like he knew what he was doing. He cheated at backgammon.”

After discovering the successor films, Pierce Brosnan felt on his side that it would “not happen to him”. According to comedian Joe Rogan, Craig is the best Bond “so far” and for a very simple reason: “The only thing stopping people from thinking is nostalgia. If you really think about it and think about which of these villains could kill. People are Daniel Craig. For Roger Moore or Tim No disrespect to Dalton. The best is Sean Connery if you’re a little pest or Daniel Craig if you’re real.

The very man James Bond

Inspiration Batman Under Christopher Nolan, the Daniel Craig-era films stand out from the rest of the series by crafting a narrative over five films to explore the characters’ traumas and pasts. Sky Fall It shows the death of the parents in the attack. Spectrum It shows the unlikely bond between Bond and Blofeld. As in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every character is connected and the narrative is peppered at will.

Inspired by Daniel Craig, James Bond became more human and later his adventures became real melodramas. His missions and the villains he encounters now take up less space in the story than the chosen family (M, Montpenny, Q, Madeleine) and the character remains. Dying can wait. He is still devastated by the death of his companion Vesper Lynn (Eva Greene) fifteen years ago. One of the greatest achievements of the Craig era is the chemistry between 007 and Em (Judi Dench).

A subtler actor than you might think, Daniel Craig portrays a burnt-out Bond like every superhero in the early 2000s series. In his Bond we get a slightly depressed mafia Tony Soprano. Sky Fall On the brink of retirement, he portrays James Bond, a full-on alcoholic who fails his physical and psychological assessment. At this point, it’s faithful to Fleming’s character – and Craig Bond has had the most drinks on screen (81 glasses in four films, or 26 inches Casino Royale and 25 inches Spectrum).

in Dying can wait.Kari Joji Fukunaga is particularly interested in this humanity and usually portrays the character in the shadows or with his face hidden by glasses, which seems to want to disappear.

From Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Even Sam Mendes thought it would be a “really bad idea,” he told the BBC in 2015.

“I thought Bond was the opposite of Daniel – a flashy, friendly, suave comedian, kind of a villain – and I thought that wouldn’t be good for Daniel’s love and loyalty. As an actor.”

A suffering body

The rebirth of James Bond passes through the image of a spy built like an inverted mirror of his tortured soul. Trained for fifteen years by ex-marine Simon Waterson, Daniel Craig has hijacked the traditional image of James Bond and applied himself to become a true killing machine – Bond of Spectrum It reminds us of Schwarzenegger times Commando.

Zoom in on a scene Casino Royale In tribute to Ursula Andres Dr. No, James Bond’s muscular physique has become integral to the development of an increasingly vulnerable character. Craig Bond has great taste (both on screen and on set). He bleeds more than his predecessors and suffers constantly. in Casino Royale, the number “scratch the balls”, with a loud bang on the hanging rope. in Sky Fall, is MoneyPenny who accidentally shoots and falls. in Spectrum, Blofeld pierced his skull. It’s unheard of in a saga that sounds like a friendly Club Med catalog before.

Craig Bond rarely survives alone and relies on outside help more than his predecessors, although he often proves unable to save those he loves: Vesper Lynn (Eva Green) dies. Casino RoyaleIn the Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton). Solas Quantum and Séverine (Bérénice Marlohe) and M in Sky Fall. Bond’s pain On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) and License to kill (1989)

“Daniel Craig’s films are obsessed with the idea of ​​James Bond rising from the dead. His body becomes a living archive of his trauma,” he explained. CNN Saga specialist Lisa Funnell. James Bond has always played on the side of death – the script he wanted – which is why Daniel Craig has a death mask expression. Le Figaro Frederick Albert Levy, of Bond, our favorite spy.

Box office king

With Daniel Craig, James Bond is bored with adventure. from Sky FallThe franchise has ceased to be inspired The memory of the skin to enter Mission impossible Inspired by Tom Cruise and Sam Mendes, Saga rediscovers the spirit of the original films with Sean Connery, reviving part of the Bondian legend (gadgets, military Aston Martins, the return of recurring characters like Q and Moneypenny). However, a return to classicism saw the series reunited with macho failures.

Daniel Craig also established himself in the role of directing some of the most memorable action sequences of the saga: the chase in Madagascar in 2011; Casino RoyaleOpening Solas Quantum In Siena, Italy, the attack on the train Sky Fallthe sequence in Mexico Spectrum.

This new formula was immediately popular with the public. Daniel Craig is the franchise’s highest-grossing actor, grossing $3.6 billion at the box office. Sky Fall And Spectrum Both received Oscar nominations for Best Original Song. In the year In 2012, Daniel Craig inaugurated the London Olympics with Queen Elizabeth II. “Craig has renewed the general public’s interest in the franchise by being the best actor in the series, in columns pay attention Mark O’Connell, of Catching Bullets: Notes from a Bond Fan.

Daniel Craig has inspired a new dynamic by attracting renowned directors to his portfolio. Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes (American beauty) signed two films and Kari Joji Fukunaga was awarded with an Emmy Award A real detectiveis an order. Dying can wait.. Denis Villeneuve and Kathryn Bigelow were in the running, and Danny Boyle (Oscar winner for Slumdog Millionaire) in the year He was hired before abruptly leaving the project in 2019. Long in the hands of action filmmakers, Saga James Bond It has become a respected cultural thing. And Daniel Craig, an almost invincible icon.

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