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Why did this star refuse to make the role a woman?

By Boris S.

– Posted on July 21, 2022 at 12:00

A dying star can’t help but think of a future female James Bond. Here’s why.

Last year, the dark Anna de Armas made for Daniel Craig’s final mission into the James Bond villainous universe. Death may occur. The star played Paloma, a CIA agent. Fans are now focused on discovering the new face of James Bond. A critical period crossed by tension and uncertainty amid completely insane rumors and toxic conservatism. Black James Bond? 007 in a woman? Backstage discussions are going well. All eyes are on producer Barbara Broccoli, the sole decision-maker in this mess.

When asked about the issue, if Broccoli is ugly, Ana de Armas doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket to express her strong opinion. star of Dying can wait. No. 007 refuses to assume that he will pass through the hands of a woman – a situation that is dramatically created in the final film of the saga. ” We don’t want a female bond. ” explained Ana de Armas. the sun. She added, “You don’t need to steal someone else’s character, take it over. Ana de Armas justifies her position by reminding James Bond that the cycle of love with codes and illusions is paramount.

This actor refused to play James Bond

Embedding James Bond is a huge honor in the small world of cinema. However, it happens that some actors don’t bother wearing the tuxedo of 007 or sip a vodka martini prepared in a shaker and with a spoon. Recent registration rejected? Daniel Kaluya, aka W’Kabi in Black Panther. i won’t [sais] Not if I want my version of James Bond. He revealed his secret during a recent interview. Yahoo Entertainment. ” But I like to see myself as a bastard. I will close it. I think that’s interesting. In the meantime, Kaluya makes a surprise return to the cinema without a tuxedo or a small cocktail. Boop by Jordan Peele, in theaters August 10.

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