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Why do secondary characters have the right to drive?

Producer Barbara Broccoli has finally explained why the other characters in the James Bond franchise haven’t gotten their own movies or shows.

Since the birth of Saga in the year James Bond He always played as a solo rider. Indeed, the secret agent has always been content with his own character films; Where other franchises offer multiple formats for recurring or secondary characters. Because the adventures of 007 are enough to give the creative teams a lot of ideas to develop new additional concepts. But this doesn’t seem to be a product priority at all. For now, it’s a question of who will take over from Daniel Craig first. Although Barbara Broccoli is not closed to the development of new formats, she prefers to be careful.

James Bond: Nothing in sight! – Credit: MGM Amazon

In a recent interview, the producer went so far as to compare Bond to a famous Shakespearean hero, explaining this choice.

James Bond: No origin programs in sight?

“Of course we have amazing characters like M or Q. But we always refuse to do a project without Bond. For us, it’s like doing Hamlet without Hamlet.” So explains Broccoli. clear, The producer is afraid that if 007 doesn’t go live on a potential release or a new program, the public won’t turn up.

however, There is a persistent rumor that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is still writing a format dedicated to The Secret Agent’s Daughter.. It is called the latter Matilda And he can follow in his spy father’s footsteps. But the broccoli ads seem to say otherwise. You have to be careful because in Hollywood we like to play the suspense card and marketing ploy to mislead fans!

never say never ! If nothing concrete seems to be in development at the moment, a second character in the franchise isn’t impossible. James Bond Offer a program dedicated to them in the future!

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Source: Screenrant.

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