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Why should the franchise have its own series?

By Boris S.

– Published on February 01, 2022 at 10:47

The guardians of the James Bond franchise have agreed not to accept a sequel to 007’s adventures. However, the British agent must have its own format more than ever to stay relevant. Explanations

The producers of James Bond have made it clear that they are not willing to introduce 007 to the world of the show even after the end of the Daniel Craig era. But British Agent risks running out of steam after bringing twenty-five missions to the screen and featuring seven different actors. The waltz doesn’t stop there, as we’re currently looking for a replacement for Daniel Craig, as the Dying Theatrical release can wait. In an interview with Total movieThe makers of the franchise have confirmed their intention not to make James Bond a character in the series. That’s what we do,” said producer Barbara Broccoli.

Changing the format of James Bond’s adventures, which are profoundly changing the cinematographic landscape, is important, especially since most major franchises now have the rights to a sequel version (Star Wars, etc.), and the problem with 007 seems profound. . James Bond is often accused of being behind the times. The proof of this is his flawed thinking and long-term reasoning, based on the logic he inherited from the Cold War. The character gained its modernity only from the era of Daniel Craig, which opened very successfully. Casino Royale In the year A 2006 remake of the original James Bond of the 1960s doesn’t make sense. “Be faithful” condemns 007 to extinction, this danger doubles the hypothetical very long wait between the two films on the part of the audience.

What does the future hold for James Bond?

Barbara Broccoli and her partner Michael G. Wilson refuse to speculate on a renewed franchise for the “Teenagers” series. But 007’s survival is on the small screen. If the format of teenagers does not seem like the right solution, because he is competing Kingsman For example, a spin-off format could be a way to follow closely, as it allows for the immersion of certain characters crossed by James Bond during his missions. So we don’t know the creation of SPECTRE, the rise of M in MI6 or why the other 00 agents. This solution allows the producers to keep James Bond exclusively for the cinema. Who said 007 is out of date?

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