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Why the Last James Bond Starring Daniel Craig May Divide Fans

Finally, James Bond is back! delayed due to the epidemic, Dying can wait. By Kari Joji Fukunaga hits theaters this Wednesday. Daniel Craig has the tough task of bringing back audiences for his fifth and final mission as 007.

The October 28 preview was heavily watched and hashtagged. #Spoiler must wait.. It is by carefully following this instruction 20 minutes Which explains why the film is more than ever posted in the air of time, which only divides fans, the classics and the moderns.

A great leap forward

The character, created by Ian Fleming, has changed since then. Casino Royale In 2006 Solas Quantum (2008) then Sky Fall (2012) and Spectrum (2015) Daniel Craig left as a charismatic but tortured 007. And Dying can wait. It’s definitely done away with the macho-woman-over-the-drinks image. But what the hero achieves is human qualities, especially thanks to the screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge (the screenwriter).Flea bag And Killing Eve) lost it singularly. And his most loyal fans would be hard pressed to identify him.

Save the bond

The latest films starring Daniel Craig have become “sequels”: each episode follows the previous one, which is even more evident during the grand opening sequence. Dying can wait.. We have a mad scientist determined to destroy the world with an invention as clever as anything else (Rami Malek’s Oscar-winning 2019 Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody) and we see Inspector Christoph Waltz, who continues to suffer from the depths of his prison. But James Bond has been dragged back into business, leaving fans as outraged as Luke Skywalker swinging his saber through a mesh net. Star WarsS.

The time jump is over

Previously focused on horizontal missions, the James Bond girls have become strong women who are nothing to envy during 007’s war. A symbol of the era, the number 007 was assigned to a black woman at the end of James Bond’s retirement. Spectrum (2015) to the point of fueling rumors that the next Bond will be a woman, which the production denied! Anyway, in Dying can wait., Lashana Lynch stands up to Daniel Craig in class and talent. Ana de Armas steals the show from the hero in a very short action sequence in Cuba. These ladies walk into the secret agent’s room to talk business.

Jump to action

“A more gentle hero is a melodrama-oriented plot” (Hollywood proverb). If the interpretive sequences are always impressive, Kari Joji Fukunaga’s 007 almost shows emotion, showing the character traits we’ve seen (slightly) before. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) James Bond in the form of George Lazenby marries and things go wrong. But today, the love of the secret agent played by Lille Seydoux is getting more attention than social and political issues. One part of the crowd stirs, another, furious, bangs his head against the armchair in front of him.

Bond references

Avid fans can take solace in the fact that references to previous films abound. It is at the same point in time in the saga presented by “James Bond for Dummies”. Dying can wait. Like “We have all the time in the world » . The film’s first installment in Jamaica pays tribute to Sean Connery and Ian Fleming who created the character. The second one stars Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan in fights, chases and gimmicks. As the third, more sensual, dark and elegant, it evokes. On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceThe only episode translated by George Lazenby as he prepared the release of Daniel Craig and his successor.

And Bond in all this?

At the end of the screening, only one thing is certain: James Bond will return, according to tradition (and the production’s good reports). A card is announced at the end Dying can wait.. But who will be the new 007? There is talk of Tom Hardy taking over the role but nothing has been recorded and remains a mystery. No announcement will be made before next year to find out the name of the man whose first mission will be to unite all fans. It’s very challenging!

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