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Will cryptocurrencies finally experience a strong recovery?

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On the program this Tuesday, in “21 million, price analysis”:

1. Interview with Vincent Boy, market analyst at IG France

Like every Tuesday, find an interview with a renowned cryptocurrency analyst to understand the factors that influence prices. This week, Vincent Boy, market analyst at broker IG, takes a look at the evolution of the crypto-asset, which despite constant volatility continues to show positive signs. Will he finally show a clear jump? And will ether still get the upper hand over bitcoin?

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2. Technical analysis of Nicolas Gallant

Financial journalist and technical analysis expert at Capital, Nicolas Gallant, will give you his analysis of the first cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization: bitcoin.

Your crypto trainer

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what was in last Friday’s newsletter, “21 Million, Your Crypto Trainer”:

1 – How to secure your cryptocurrencies?

While experts repeatedly repeat the mantra “Not your keys, not your cryptos” (“Not your keys, not your cryptos”, editor’s note) after the bankruptcy of several platforms, due to which hundreds of thousands of investors ruined individuals, the file of the week was devoted the best ways to keep your cryptocurrencies. With the help of experts in this matter, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each solution (“exchanges”, software wallet, hardware wallet, etc.)

2 – Investment tip of the week

Like every Friday, a crypto expert has given you his advice on how to best invest your money in digital assets and help you maximize your profits. Last week it was economist Sébastien Laye’s turn.

3 – What to remember from the week

We have selected and compared the main events of the last seven days. Stay on top of crypto news by keeping the most important.

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