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Will Daniel Craig soon be honored by the Queen as her character?

Daniel Craig can follow in the footsteps of James Bond, who soon received an honorary distinction from the Queen of England.

Although he kept his spy suit in the locker room, Daniel Craig 007 doesn’t seem to have done much. Indeed, strong rumor has it that the actor wants to be invited by the Queen herself for the New Year. A distinction of honor as received by its emblematic character. It has to be admitted that Craig had a hot iron during his time in the franchise. And although all eyes are now on his successor, many are still fighting to get him out of favor. In the year After arriving in 2006 Casino RoyaleCraig was able to provide a clear modernization of Bond, imposing new views on the character.

Craig, recently decorated by the Queen of England – Credit: MGM / Amazon

So it’s not all that offensive to see it being named after Her Majesty the Queen.. Few have received such a privilege over the years.

Daniel Craig, in Her Majesty’s service

The information was recently disclosed by the Daily Mail. Craig is obviously on the list to receive the orders of St. Michael and St. George.. The latter is usually only for diplomats and spies. Thanks to this difference, the actor thus creates a great bridge between fiction and reality. This gift once again shows how important a role the actor has played in the franchise and the collective consciousness.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, this fact is very rare, and it should be explained. Craig would be the only person to see himself on this level so to speak. Even his predecessors did not have the right to receive such honor in addition to the hand of the queen. The actor can close this chapter James Bond Beautifully once and for all.

Craig confirms his great popularity with this sign. And the people will certainly not deny this choice of British royals. Hats off to the artist!

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Source: Screenrant

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