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Will future generations rise to the challenge?

We often talk about feminism as a women’s struggle, but shouldn’t it include men to achieve progress that leads to equality and that frees men and women from limitations? In any case, Elena Scappaticci thinks and expresses about the quarter Usbek and RicaThe media explores the future, in its column, on the program “A New World”.

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With his 490,000 YouTube subscribers, Ben Nevert shows that young men are capable of reinventing masculinity. In this round table among boys, his channel’s flagship format, he gives the floor to male guests. They open up about their breakups or their clothing styles and explain their journeys challenging stereotypes like ‘men don’t cry’.

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This discourse is more visible on Instagram and TikTok where young content creators like “You are on a hard one” Encourage men to express their emotions, release their relationship with their bodies or even dare to dress as they wish.

Fed up with MeToo, Gen Z boys felt represented by the feminist cause. And they specifically understood that feminism was by no means a war against the male sex. in him A Brief Guide to Feminism for Men, published in 2018, journalist Jeremy Patinier tells us that Gen Z men are more well-rounded and strong individuals, because they learned about mental workload and sperm inhibition much earlier than their fathers. They therefore had the space and time to develop a more peaceful identity, sometimes going so far as to question the models advocated by their own parents.

How will new masculinities be defined in the coming years?

Projecting yourself is still difficult, but tomorrow’s masculinities are certainly being invented in the shadow of today’s feminist struggle. In the blind spot of a deranged virilism, curled up in its former glory. How to ensure that young people in search of identity are not crushed by counter-movements like the MGTOW community, short for men in their own way, which claim to fight against the erasure of men from society and more precisely against their cherished masculinity?

The answer may lie in listening to and supporting these neomasculinities so that they have the potential to have an impact close to MeToo. Although this movement has not yet celebrated its tenth anniversary, it is normal for men to take time to break the codes of their identity. And future generations may go further thanks to the power of the Internet.

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