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Will the next James Bond be non-binary?

PJames Bond doesn’t get good press lately. A white and heterosexual man, often a bottle-carrying seducer, a part-time smoker, the most famous of Britain’s secret agents invokes a fantasy that offends certain intersectional activists. However, since the departure of Daniel Craig – the British actor who played James Bond for the fifth and final time in The Last Ops; no time to die – It has been normalized, the question of his replacement is raging, many internet users are dreaming of a black, female or gay James Bond.

The years-long controversy is divisive, as such a blow would do permanent damage to what made James Bond so prolific. However, guest on the podcast Girls on filmFriday, December 10, the historical producer of the saga, Barbara Broccoli, chooses to save the goat and the cabbage, winning the case for “historical” 007 fans as well as progressive faces.

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A male actor, but a non-binary agent?

Initially, the influencer confirmed that the next James Bond actor, who will be announced in 2022, will indeed be “a British person, of any race or ethnicity”. No female secret agent so: “I don’t think a woman should play James Bond because I think it will be a man,” Barbara Broccoli explained, who “women to create characters and not only women to play the role of men.

On the other hand, the next James Bond is sexually ambiguous, obligingly modern. During an interview with Girls on film, a show that describes itself as a podcast around queer pop culture, Barbara Broccoli isn’t opposed to a “non-binary” secret agent, meaning she doesn’t identify as either male or female. “Why not? I think it’s open to debate. It’s just about finding the right actor. A new evolution for James Bond, who was already very calm and weak during the Craig era, this time the secret agent is seen in a darker and more tortured way.”

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