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Work on the operations center for the future metro lines 16 and 17 has begun in Aulan

The The Grand Paris Express, the largest urban development project in France, will have six operating centers across the entire 200 km network. Of these centers, Palaiseau and Aulnay will combine only a triple function, simultaneously a command post (PCC), a maintenance and storage site (SMR) and an infrastructure maintenance site (SMI).

Aulnay, the main centre

From the Aulnay operations center, all functions required to function properly Lines 16 and 17 At all times, 24 hours, 7 days a week will be provided. Real-time traffic monitoring and regulation, station maintenance, track, signalling, cleaning etc. The center will provide a permanent service. Since July, the consortium teams have also started, with the first welding of the rails, the installation of various tracks operations center, which stretches over 2 kilometers along the A1 motorway in part of the former PSA factory. this IneoAn entity of Equans France, leader of the consortium with GCF and Unifer, a world player in energy services, which is in charge of supplying and installing the catenary system, but also the online equipment and the local signal of the nerve center of the future metro line.
“As an agent in the consortium with GCF and Unifer, Ineo is proud to contribute to the operational success of the transport infrastructure through the Aulnay operating center, which is as strategic as it is functional”, said Emmanuel Brismour France, CEO of Equence’s transport market.

Delivery is scheduled for 2026

“The Grand Paris Express is a large-scale project that will improve the daily lives of millions of Île-de-France residents and support the dynamism and attractiveness of the metropolis”, Emanuel Brismoure enthuses. To ensure the different functionality of the installation, the Consortium of which Ineo is a member is setting up different types of tracks: on posts, on stringers, embedded or with concrete on sleepers. total, About thirty people Organized on site for 2022 and next year the workforce will multiply by three. The technical installations should be operational from 2024 to begin the first tests before the simultaneous commissioning of lines 16 and 17 in 2026.

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