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Ethereum (ETH) Witnesses “Systematic Buying,” Analyst Claims

Martin Rigterschot, a contributing analyst at CryptoQuant, has identified a significant trend of “systematic buying” in the Ethereum (ETH) futures contracts. His observations reveal a pattern of “systematic buying,” characterized by a notable increase in open interest.

The recent development may signal bullish sentiment among major investors and could impact Ethereum’s market trajectory.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Approaches Key Support Level

The current trading pattern of Ethereum holds particular significance as it nears the critical support level, defined at around $1,925. Support levels are crucial in trading, indicating a price point where a downtrend may halt due to increased demand.

Specifically, Ethereum futures have seen an addition of $700 million so far, indicating strategic accumulation of assets over a period. Understanding the concept of TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price), which is primarily employed by institutional traders and investors, is crucial. It involves distributing asset purchases over a specific period to achieve a suitable average price, thereby reducing market price impact.

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Despite recent price volatility, with Ethereum ranging between $1,940 and $2,018, it has remained notably above the $2,000 mark. This continued proximity to the support level may indicate strong market sentiment towards Ethereum, providing potential buying opportunities. However, it also raises a cautionary note, as any breach below this level could lead to further price declines.

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