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Shiba Inu Team Member Releases Important Announcement Regarding Ongoing SHIB Development on Shibarium Testnet:

RagnarShiba, a member of the Shiba Inu team and the manager of the Shibarium Tech channel on Telegram, has made an important announcement regarding the continuous activity of SHIB developers on the Shibarium testnet. One of his comments clearly describes something intriguing that he believes is happening: “There is something being cooked.”

DaVinci, the Discord channel manager, also mentioned that information found on the Puppynetscan explorer (used to track various metrics of the Shibarium testnet) indicates that the Shiba Inu development team, led by the mysterious Shytoshi Kusama, is working on something – “development and ongoing activities by Shibarium developers.” DaVinci urges the SHIB community to keep an eye on this matter.

Meanwhile, a quick glance at Puppynetscan already shows that the Shibarium testnet, which has been operational since mid-March, has been actively used, with transaction metrics significantly increasing on a daily and overall basis.

Multiple metrics are rising on Puppynet. In comparison, on the main Shibarium network this week, the total number of transactions exceeded 412,220, with a peak of daily transfers reaching this number. The total number of transactions on Puppynet is 48,789,442.

The record level is 4,100,000.

The total number of unique tokens created on the testnet has risen to 2,436, and the number of minted blocks on Puppynet has reached 2,995,000. The number of BONE transfers stands at 20,380,000.

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As of today, the number of accounts on Puppynet has increased to 3,195,850 on November 8th and has remained unchanged since then.

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