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“Unusual Liquidation Spree of Nearly $600 Million Shorts in a Single Candle for Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin witnessed an explosive price movement, propelling BTC to an astonishing $39,700 level, leaving the cryptocurrency community stunned and elated. This surge in price triggered by unusual market movement has the crypto sphere captivated.

Will Clemente suggests the possibility of this upward trend reaching its climax in a significant price movement or ‘pop,’ indicating that the current momentum might signal a clearer shift in prices reminiscent of the trading pattern observed in September/October 2020.

According to the chart presented by Clemente, the market appears to be in a state of tension, with the potential for this upward trend to continue or sharply reverse upon reaching specific thresholds.
Delving into the liquidation data, a substantial amount of capital has been wiped out in the derivatives market.

Leading the charge are liquidations valued at $36.23 million and $32.50 million, respectively, within a 24-hour period. These figures reflect the losses borne by the bearish speculators following the recent downturn.

The largest individual liquidation order, as illustrated in OKX for BTC-USDT-SWAP, reached $1.96 million, epitomizing the high risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. Real-time liquidations also evoke astonishment, with tokens like ORDIUSDT and ETHUSDT prominently featured.

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Such significant liquidations are a result of unbridled leverage usage and margin trading, commonly observed among inexperienced traders and investors lacking fundamental risk management knowledge.”

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