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Financial Expert Robert Kiyosaki Shocked by Inflation, Highlights Bitcoin as a Safe Haven Asset

Renowned financial expert and author of the bestselling personal finance book, Robert Kiyosaki, expressed his shock at the rising inflation and highlighted Bitcoin as a safe haven asset. Kiyosaki, the vocal Bitcoin supporter, took to social media app X to share his thoughts on the inflation surge in the United States.

He expressed his concern over the rapid increase in prices and the impact of inflation. Feeling secure due to his financial resources, Kiyosaki acknowledged that not everyone has the means to follow his recommendation of investing in Bitcoin. He empathized with those struggling to afford food, rent, and fuel, who are unable to invest in Bitcoin, gold, or silver based on his advice.

Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” emphasizes that the pace at which inflation is spreading is shocking to him. He blames the current economic situation on the United States government, the Federal Reserve, and the Treasury. Over the past few years, Kiyosaki has consistently criticized the Federal Reserve for printing trillions of US dollars, referring to it as “fake money,” while highlighting Bitcoin as “the people’s money” (as Bitcoin cannot be printed like the US dollar, with only 21 million BTC ever to be mined).

Earlier this year, the US President removed the debt ceiling, which had already exceeded $31 trillion, and “left it.” Following this, the United States borrowed an additional $1.5 trillion and planned to add another trillion dollars to this amount.

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Kiyosaki believes hyperinflation is possible. In his recent tweets, he referred to the inflation that occurred in Germany a hundred years ago and how it dramatically affected the world. He believes the United States is heading towards a similar situation, as he doubts the country’s leaders’ ability to manage the economy.

Inflation in Zimbabwe reached its peak at 6.2% last year, but at the beginning of this year, it dropped to 3.7%. However, in August and September, the country experienced a surge in inflation, bringing the rate down to 3.3% from 3.7%.

Regardless of the situation, Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin, gold, and silver remain the best assets to invest in. At the time of writing this article, the world’s leading digital currency, Bitcoin, is trading at $37,490.

After the scheduled halving event in April and May next year, many experts expect the price of Bitcoin to rise. Some believe that the increase could be at least six times, potentially reaching $220,000, according to their predictions.

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