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Holders of XRP have been eagerly awaiting the airdrop process from Evernode (EVERS),

a Layer 2 scaling solution on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). While details of the airdrop registration were released ahead of time, there is growing controversy surrounding the process, as noted by some community members, indicating a backlash against Evernode.

Some members have complained about the complexity of the multi-faceted process, starting from registering an r-address and the sole use of the Xumm wallet. Evernode claims to see no difficulty as the process aims to grant users “free stuff.” However, interested and eligible XRP holders still need to import/clone their XRPL address onto Xumm when the protocol officially launches by December 18. The L2 protocol allows users who may not feel comfortable with this process to opt-out instead of filing a complaint later .

In its defense, Evernode stated that justifying who participated in its beta testing program is not an easy feat, and thus, the process it has outlined is the most feasible way to distribute the airdrop of EVERS to eligible participants.

XRP Holders and Massive Options

In addition to the generous offerings by Evernode, other institutions have rewarded XRP holders in recent months. According to the major trends in the XRP ecosystem, currency holders have a number of unique options to earn rewards for being mere members or users of the network.

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Gradually, the increasing number of partners acquired by XRP in recent times may serve as a means to renew the bullish outlook for the currency at this time. The success of this Evernode airdrop campaign will demonstrate the maturity of the wider XRPL ecosystem.”

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