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“The increase in transaction volume across the blockchain makes Cardano challenge market trends.”

Cardano, one of the leading blockchain platforms, is defying market trends by experiencing an increase in on-chain transaction volume, despite its current suppressed market value compared to its peak in April. According to recent data from CoinGecko, Cardano’s price is currently at $0.257058, showing a 0.7% increase in USD and a 0.4% increase against other currencies. The platform has a market capitalization of around $9 billion, with a 24-hour trading volume of approximately $97 million.

What is particularly noteworthy to industry analysts is the ongoing rise in on-chain transactions, indicating strong utility and demand beyond speculative trading. Utility is a crucial factor in determining the value and long-term sustainability of a cryptocurrency. Despite the market’s subdued performance, the high on-chain activity on the Cardano network suggests a robust network that is actively used. This could potentially pave the way for a market recovery, especially when combined with sufficient social dominance, which refers to the general sentiment and discussions surrounding the cryptocurrency on online forums and social media channels.

However, it’s important to note that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and influenced by various factors, such as regulatory developments and macroeconomic indicators. Therefore, an increase in on-chain transactions, which signifies strong utility, doesn’t guarantee an immediate price rise. If new funds fail to enter the market, prices may not rebound in the short term. Currently, the outlook for ADA is bearish as it has been unable to surpass the resistance level at $0.257.

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