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Bitcoin Price Could Reach $48,000 if it Breaks $44,000 Mark: Prominent Trader

According to prominent trader Josh Olszewicz, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) could potentially reach $48,000 if it breaks the $44,000 mark.

These predictions are based on current technical patterns observed on the cryptocurrency’s price chart. The top digital currency is currently trading at $43,485.48, up 1.3% at the time of writing this report.

Chart patterns indicate bullish potential

Olszewicz’s analysis points to recurring “A&Es,” referring to Adam and Eve patterns. These are double bottom patterns that indicate a trend reversal.

He also points to the possibility of forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern, another bullish indicator.

These technical formations, observed near a critical resistance level, suggest that surpassing the $44,000 level could lead to a significant upward movement in price.

The current chart shows that Bitcoin has tested this resistance level several times, indicating a strong possibility of a breakthrough.

Bullish market sentiment

Analysts, including Jake Wujastyk, have identified a symmetrical triangle pattern. mentioned this.

For this reason, a significant move is expected soon.

The community, of course, is focused on the anticipation of Bitcoin ETF approval in 2024, which many believe could inject new vitality into the market and potentially push prices higher.

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The presence of bullish chart patterns and the potential for tradable investment funds have paved the way for what could be a remarkable year for the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Market observers are closely monitoring price movements, with some industry heavyweights like Bitwise expecting an increase to $80,000.

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