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Coincheck Adds Shiba Inu (SHIB) to its Trading Platform

Coincheck, a leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange based in Tokyo, has announced the addition of Shiba Inu (SHIB) to its trading platform starting December 14.

This move is expected to significantly enhance accessibility and liquidity for the popular meme-based digital assets. As a major player in the industry, Coincheck’s integration with SHIB will encompass diverse services, including asset sending, receiving, purchasing, and selling through its web and mobile application platforms.
However, it’s crucial for users to update to the latest version of the Coincheck app for accurate pricing information.

Furthermore, SHIB will be added as a payment currency on the Coincheck NFT marketplace starting December 15.
Established in 2012 and led by CEO Satoshi Hasu, Coincheck has been a dominant force in Japan’s cryptocurrency market. The company’s trading service held the title of the most downloaded cryptocurrency trading app in Japan for four consecutive years, from 2019 to 2022.

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The exchange is also known for experiencing one of the most significant cryptocurrency hacks. In early 2018, approximately $530 million worth of NEM tokens were stolen from its renowned trading platform.

The inclusion of SHIB on Coincheck follows similar moves by other Japanese exchanges, expanding the availability of this popular meme coin to Japanese traders. Earlier, in June, OKCoin Japan also began trading SHIB alongside DAI and Cosmos (ATOM).

This collective adoption of SHIB by multiple Japanese exchanges reflects the growing interest in the second-largest meme currency.

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