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Department of Justice Reviews Legal Oversight for Binance Amid FTX History

The Department of Justice (DoJ) has conducted a review and concluded that Sullivan & Cromwell is no longer suitable for this role due to its history with FTX. Sharon Cohen, a partner at the prestigious law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, has been appointed as the lead of the monitoring team at Binance.

A lawsuit has been filed in the form of a class action alleging their negligence in an $8 billion fraud committed by FTX, which was previously classified as oversight above Sullivan & Cromwell. According to sources, the Department of Justice (DoJ) in the United States intends to appoint Sullivan & Cromwell as a monitor for Binance. This change in perception occurred as a result of collaboration with FTX, a strong competitor to Binance.

This type of oversight has become a means to address crimes committed by the Binance platform, including violations of anti-money laundering laws and sanctions. These considerations grant a timeframe ranging from three to five years.

A Bloomberg statement highlights the Department of Justice’s warning regarding potential personal conflicts arising from S&C’s position as FTX’s bankruptcy lawyer. The credibility of the company, coupled with FTX’s bankruptcy under Chapter 11 and massive financial transactions, adds to the doubts. This review was particularly significant when the group was responsible for ensuring Binance’s compliance with requirements in the United States.

Sharon Cohen Levin Leads Binance Oversight

While the Department of Justice has not made its decision yet, the financial crime network continues to support Kramer Levin. The law firm’s background in complex financial litigation and prior experience in oversight bodies makes it suitable for the proposed monitoring role. Sharon Cohen Levin, an active partner at the firm and former federal prosecutor, was selected to lead the team overseeing Binance.

This issue is further exacerbated by the class action lawsuit filed in February against S&C by FTX investors, which also alleges serious negligence by the company. The lawsuit filed by the plaintiff claims that the actions were part of an $8 billion fraud committed by FTX, defrauding investors. These legal challenges make the matter questionable, as the company has a biased legal nature in terms of neutral management of oversight on Binance, given its previous relationships with clients and information obtained from there.

The Department of Justice and FinCEN Address Regulatory Concerns Related to Cryptocurrencies

However, matters have become difficult for them as a U.S. bankruptcy judge has approved an investigation into potential conflicts of interest regarding representation at Sullivan & Cromwell. Attorney General Robert J. Cleary conducts this investigation to ensure transparency and fair legal practices in the company’s banking matters.

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The dispute has now become a matter of public interest as well as for the industry as a whole, making it clear that the cryptocurrency sector requires transparent and stringent oversight by regulatory authorities. Therefore, the Department of Justice and the financial crime network need a regulatory approach to cryptocurrency exchanges and the legal framework for financial transactions in the digital economy in the future.

The final appointment remains pending as the Department of Justice undertakes the task of examining other candidates for the important monitoring role, considering the integrity of implementation procedures.

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