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“Introducing Girolamo: The First AI Chatbot with a Touch of Genius”

In a groundbreaking experimental test, the world witnessed the debut of Girolamo, the first-ever artificially intelligent chatbot. Developed by a project called Awakening Health, Girolamo is part of a series of AI-powered products that offer answers to a wide range of topics, from industry-related queries to everyday questions. Users can also request Girolamo to create and interpret images.

Girolamo, named after the renowned Italian mathematician and physician Girolamo Cardano, represents a significant milestone in the integration of blockchain and AI. This close collaboration between SingularityNET and Cardano has been at the forefront of advancements in the field. As a testament to this partnership, the AGIX bridge was launched last year.

To emphasize the commitment to AI, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, engaged in an open conversation with Sam Altman, the CEO of Echo LLC, exploring potential collaborations. Hoskinson proposed the idea of a series of potential Cardano partners, highlighting the desire for further advancements in artificial intelligence.

Recent developments within the Cardano ecosystem have addressed various issues, including decentralized application connectivity with the Lace wallet. The lightweight Cardano Lace wallet received a swift update to version 1.7.1, accompanied by improvements to the interaction between Lace handles and ADA.

Furthermore, the Mithril team made significant progress in achieving decentralization within the Mithril networks by completing the initial implementation of the Mithril Phase One prototype, enabling peer-to-peer signature broadcasting.

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Preparations are underway for a special Cardano voting event to evaluate progress in governance on and off the chain using CIP-1694. A snapshot of participating wallets was taken on November 21, with voting set to take place between December 1 and December 11.

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