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MicroBT Introduces the Energy-Efficient Whatsminer M60 Series, Marking a New Era”

“MicroBT Unveils Whatsminer M60 Series: A Leap in Energy Efficiency and a New Era in Mining”

MicroBT, a leader in the mining industry, recently introduced its latest Whatsminer M60 range of miners. This groundbreaking series represents a major advance in energy efficiency, pushing the industry into a new era with an impressive 1X J/T ratio. Designed with a focus on improving performance and power consumption, the M60 Series sets a new standard for mining technology.

The air-cooled Whatsminer M60 delivers an impressive hash rate of 150-170 J/s, while maintaining an exceptional efficiency of 19.9 J/s. This makes it a powerful and energy-efficient solution for SHA-256 mining. Taking it a step further, the air-cooled Whatsminer M60S features a hash rate of 170-186 s/s and an efficiency of 18.5 J/s, cementing its position as a more efficient option for miners.

For those looking for water-cooled solutions, MicroBT offers the Whatsminer M63. With an impressive hash rate of 334-366 w/s and an efficiency of 19.9 J/t, it demonstrates the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of water-cooled mining technology. In addition, the water-cooled Whatsminer M63S delivers a hash rate of 360-390 T/s and an efficiency of 18.5 J/t, cementing its position as a major advance in this field.

MicroBT doesn’t stop there. The company also introduced the Whatsminer M66 and M66S which are specially designed for immersion cooling. These models provide fragmentation rates of 240-276 s/s and 270-298 s/s, respectively, with efficiencies of 19.9 J/t for the M66 and 18.5 J/t for the M66S. These options provide a limitless solution for those interested in exploring immersion cooling technologies.

With its unwavering focus on power efficiency, MicroBT’s Whatsminer M60 series is set to redefine cryptocurrency mining standards. Offering a range of cooling options to suit various operational needs, this range represents a radical change in the industry. Miners can now achieve unprecedented performance without compromising power consumption.

In conclusion, MicroBT’s Whatsminer M60 series paves the way for a new era in mining, where power efficiency and optimal performance go hand in hand. As the industry develops, sophisticated miners will undoubtedly shape the future of cryptocurrency mining.

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