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Shibetoshi Nakamoto, Co-founder of DOGE, Raises Concerns about Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots”

In a surprising turn of events, Shibetoshi Nakamoto, known for creating the original and widely popular meme coin DOGE in 2013 alongside Jackson Palmer, has shifted his focus to express his concerns about the potential negative implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the near future.

In a recent post on X, which can be seen as a “warning” to the entire X community, including his 2.1 million personal followers, Nakamoto stated his belief that “some of your online friends will soon turn into AI-powered chatbots.” Nakamoto is an active user of the X app and was previously active on Twitter, known for his short and often humorous tweets, which range from jokes to memes and cover various topics, including politics and taxes.

Nakamoto has been a vocal supporter of Elon Musk and his endeavors, including the rebranding of Twitter to X, followed by significant expansions in content creation and monetization tools, as well as the protection of freedom of expression, which Musk claimed was his goal when acquiring Twitter for $44 billion in October last year. However, this time, Nakamoto seems less optimistic about the rapid spread of AI, particularly AI-powered chatbots.

Nakamoto also humorously commented on the recently completed Open AI drama, suggesting that he expected a Netflix film about Open AI or that ” should merge with FTX.” This drew attention to the wide user base of the X app, which he compared to a good action movie.

Elon Musk himself confirmed this sentiment on November 20th, stating that the “reviews on the Telenovela are far from flattering.” is renowned for creating ChatGPT and releasing multiple versions of it. Musk, after acquiring Twitter, wrote a post stating that he was transitioning from cryptocurrencies to AI. In return, he promised to create a competing AI company to develop his own AI-powered chatbot, which he fulfilled this year with the introduction of Grok AI on the X platform.

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The Open AI drama concluded on a positive note, with the reinstatement of co-founder and CEO Sam Altman after being removed from his position and the removal of President Greg Brockman from the solidarity. They were offered to lead a new AI division at Microsoft, a major investor in Open AI. Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer at Open AI, was appointed as the new CEO but decided she wanted to rehire Altman and Brockman in her new high-level position. Finally, almost all employees of the company threatened to resign unless Altman and Brockman were reinstated and the board of directors resigned.

In the end, both Altman and Brockman were rehired, and Altman resumed his role as CEO. Altman recently stated on X that the best interests of Open AI and its mission will always be his top priority. He acknowledged significant instances of miscommunication between him and the board of directors but emphasized the importance of “learning from this experience and applying those lessons as we move forward as a company.” He also welcomed the independent review conducted by the board of directors regarding recent events.

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