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New major version available for XRP Ledger smart contract platform at launch.”

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It seems that we are one step away from the long-awaited launch.

According to XRPL Labs CTO, known as “Richard AH” on X, development of the Xahau code has already been completed.
Xahau Ledger is a proposed sidechain for Hooks and the intelligent interaction of the XRPL system. In August, a joint whitepaper for Xahau was announced by XRPL Labs, Evernode, Alloy Networks, and others.

On September 25, Wietse Wind, one of the developers of XRPL Labs, announced an upgrade to the Xahau Testnet (formerly known as the Hooks V3 testnet), and some new features included “UNL Reporting, where a UNL contract reports correct operations to other UNL contracts.”

XRP: Xahau’s Initial Distribution Allocates 600 Million XRP, Here’s What You Should Know

“The launch of Xahau is of great importance according to Evernode, as Evers and Evernodes may not be provisioned until after the launch of Xahau occurs.
Evernode noted in a tweet that one of its code components, “3 Hooks,” may be incorporated into the Xahau code audit following the b2m audit. This means we are one step closer to launch.

Xahau offers a B2M feature, or Burn2Mint, that enables the transfer of Xahau’s native token, which is Xahau XRP, obtained from XRP burned in XRPL, to the platform.

Since Evernode’s debut, a large amount of Evers, the protocol’s native currency, have been reserved for this purpose.

A prize drop for XRP holders is planned once Xahau launches, where users will be able to claim an airdrop based on their existing XRP balance in XRPL, collected in a snapshot on September 1.”

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