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Shibburn Platform Releases a Professional Announcement Regarding SHIB Meme Tokens

The Shibburn platform has recently issued an announcement, informing the cryptocurrency community about the number of SHIB meme tokens that have been released. Over 100 million SHIB tokens have been removed from circulation.

The Shiba Inu community has successfully disposed of a total of 130,903,382 SHIB tokens over the past seven days. However, this was not sufficient to maintain a high weekly burn rate after billions of SHIB tokens were removed from circulation earlier this fall. Currently, the weekly burn rate shows a decrease of 43.33%.

As for the amount of SHIB tokens transferred to the “Hell” blockchain wallet since yesterday morning, it amounts to 5,947,922 SHIB, representing a decrease of 34.98% in the daily burn rate. This quantity of SHIB has been destroyed in four transactions, two of which involved 4,676,501 and 1,234,567 Shiba Inu meme coins, respectively.

There has been a staggering increase of 47,872% in the destruction of 28,129,380 SHIB tokens, accounting for 456%, when 11,134,759 SHIB coins were locked in dormant blockchain addresses.

Earlier this week, the burn rate of Shiba Inu showed remarkable performance. Since Wednesday, the second-largest dog-themed cryptocurrency by market capitalization, SHIB, has risen by 7.79%, reaching [insert current value] at the time of writing.

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This week, the second-layer solution Shibarium has experienced several new highs, surpassing a total of 4,100,000 daily transactions. Daily transfers have also seen a significant increase, reaching a peak of 43,690 on November 23, according to [mention the source].

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