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“Cathie Wood expects Bitcoin to surpass one million dollars, and sees hedging against shrinkage”

In the face of advanced technology and in tions, Cathie Wood of Ark Investment Management recently expressed strong conviction in the potential of Bitcoin as a deflationary hedge in the coming decade. Wood’s projections not only rely on her company’s optimistic stance on cryptocurrencies, but also anticipate an unprecedented surge in Bitcoin’s value, potentially surpassing one million dollars.

Wood’s vision for Bitcoin extends beyond its monetary value; she anticipates that the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with Bitcoin will open up new frontiers for micro tasks on a global scale. It is expected that this synergy between AI and cryptocurrencies will create unprecedented opportunities and applications across various industries.

Ark Investment Management, led by Wood, is renowned for its focus on revolutionary technologies and has been a staunch supporter of digital assets. The company’s bullish outlook on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin reflects a broader belief in their ability to persist in the long term amidst rapid technological change.

In related news on Monday, PLAN, a financial entity regulated by the German BaFin, announced strategic partnerships with BERENBERG bank, based in the United States, and Kraken banks to enhance its international presence.

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PLAN’s “Trident Strategy” integrates expert-designed trading strategies, AI-supported automated trading, and Schutz Shield for asset protection, aiming to support a risk-free profit model and pave the way for PLAN’s goal of listing on the London Stock Exchange by 2026 and establishing a robust encrypted financial ecosystem worldwide.

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