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“Fictitious Deposit to XRP ETF Fund Leads to Market Volatility and $6.2 Million Liquidation”

Today, the cryptocurrency markets were shaken by a sharp increase and subsequent decline in the price of XRP following a fraudulent deposit to the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), initially mistaken as a legitimate investment product. The fake filing, which appeared to be a request for a tradable investment fund in XRP, was inaccurately attributed to information from the Administrative Manager. The deception led to an immediate surge in XRP prices, which swiftly plummeted upon the exposure of the fraud, leaving investors who bought at the higher prices facinglosses.

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The fallout from this event was significant, with $6.2 million in XRP futures contracts being liquidated as traders faced the consequences of misleading information. This incident has raised questions about BlackRock’s potential interest in a XRP ETF and Ethereum ETF, prompting concerns about their pursuit of a tradable investment fund for alternative currencies with clear regulatory status in the United States.

This comes on the heels of BlackRock’s own Bitcoin deposits, despite comprehensive market analysis conducted by experts, the individuals behind the fraudulent filing have not been identified due to their oversight of any verifiable identifiers. This has heightened concerns about the security measures in place to prevent such deceptive actions that could manipulate the market and harm investors. The cryptocurrency community is now calling for enhanced auditing and verification processes for future ETF deposits to prevent similar incidents from undermining market stability.

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